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Why is My Roof Leaking? Assessing the Common Causes of Commercial Roof Leaks

Pinpointing the cause of a roof leak on a commercial building is time-consuming. While you may be able to tell where the water is showing up on the inside (i.e. water spots on the walls and floors), identifying the location and the exact cause can be more difficult. Especially when you consider the different components and types of roofs seen on commercial building structures.

Whether you have a thermoplastic roof, a green roof or EPDM flat roofing, contact a company that specializes in commercial roofing in the Edmonton area right away if you suspect a leak. Allowing the leak to continue could spell disaster for your company; and possibly shut you down for a few days.

What Causes a Commercial Roof to Leak?

Most commercial buildings feature flat roofing. Because there is no pitch, these systems rely heavily on a combination of product quality, membranes and initial installation. Some reasons your business’s roof may be leaking include:

  1. Clogged Drainage – A flat roof does not have a pitch; therefore, it relies on a drainage system. If the drainage system is clogged, you will have what looks like a swimming pool or small pond on top of your roof. Ponding water eventually leads to excess strain on the roof and you will see the water start to seep inside.
  2. Damage to the Perimeter Flashing – Flashing is installed on the edges of the rooftop as well as the interior parapets to protect the roof’s membrane. If this flashing becomes damaged, moisture and water can seep underneath and into the building.
  3. Open Penetrations – Penetrations are common on commercial rooftops, such as drains and pipes. When these are not installed properly, they leave your roof prone to leaks. They should be kept water-tight with flashing, wraps, rain collars and pitch pans.
  4. Damage to the Membrane – When the roof’s membrane becomes damaged, it allows water to enter through the opening. Membranes can be come damaged for a variety of reasons and sometimes it is just a matter of age.
  5. The Age of Your Roof – Flat roofing in Edmonton and other areas that experience heated summers and harsh winters will eventually start to fail due to age. Most systems deteriorate at about 15 to 20 years post-installation.

To properly diagnose the cause of your commercial roofing leak, contact the commercial roofing experts in Edmonton. A&M Roofing, Ltd. will not only pinpoint the cause of your leak, but also fix it quickly and efficiently. If replacing your roof is a better option rather than incurring frequent costs of repair, we will advise you accordingly and provide a competitive quote.

If you have noticed signs that your commercial roof is leaking or damaged, contact A&M Roofing, Ltd. We offer commercial roofing installation in Edmonton and surrounding areas as well as roof repairs. Call us at 780-880-9540 and one of our staff members will help answer your roofing concerns. You can also book a consultation for flat roofing in Edmonton.

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